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Internet Marketing - Advertising

The creation of a website does not, in itself, guarantee online success; this can only occur if users are encouraged to visit it. Don't forget that the case is not to attract more visitors but to convert more visitors into customers.

To achieve the success, Phil-O-Net can help you build a strategic marketing campaign that integrates online and offline strategies. Advising on the most appropriate strategy for your online needs, we can ensure that your brand and corporate values are transferred seamlessly to your internet presence.

New web sites receive around 95% of visitors via the top 10 search engines. It is proved that your site needs to be listed in the top 30 search results to get it noticed.

Phil-O-Net offers the following services:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine and directory submissions
  • Advertising banners and links
  • E-mail marketing for Cyprus
  • Target Mailing Lists
  • Newsletter management 

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