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Info-kiosks Development

What is an info-kiosk?

It is a self-service terminal, which is placed strategically in high profile public areas, providing easy access to information, for all users.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, info-kiosks will instantly provide memorable visual, audio and textual information.

Phil-o-net Ltd. can customize or design and develop a new info-kiosk application to suit your business needs. We will provide everything you need, hardware and software as well as after sales support and maintenance.

Please read some more information about this new medium.

How does it work?

  • Info-kiosks allow the user direct and active control over the information being given, simply by touching the screen.
  • This makes kiosks perfect for applications such as navigational guides and product information displays.
Why is it useful?

  • Interactive kiosks combine the strengths of speed and accessibility with sight and sound to create not only an effective mean of information disbursal, but a memorable and fun to use method, great for all ages and levels of computer experience.
  • Information can be provided in as many languages as it is programmed. Currently in our projects we use 10 European languages, plus Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.

Why should you use an Info-Kiosk for your business?

  • It continually promotes all the latest information about your products and services to an extensive audience, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • It communicates your message in many languages, reaching Customers that could not be accessible before through the traditional advertising channels.
  • You can bias the Customers with banners whenever entering a main and / or in a specific thematic category.
  • You can advertise on local basis, e.g. only on one Info-Kiosk, or a number of them, covering your selected audience.
  • It can easily be accessed, as all information is presented in a user friendly manner.
  • It can be on-line connected to the internet (wherever telephone service is available).
  • It is the cheapest and fastest form of advertisement, as its annual cost is a fraction of what it would be by using the traditional advertising channels of magazine, newspaper and television.

Where is it used?

Info-kiosks have been widely used all over the world to inform people and tourists on subjects like:
Municipalities, Accommodation, Historic Sites, Restaurants, Weather, Entertainment, News, Activities, National History, Events and happenings, Places of interest, Cultural Events, Area information, Late Shopping, Road Maps, Useful numbers (doctors, police), Services, Flight information, Transportation

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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